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  • Escape the Convenience Store Escape the Convenience Store 2529 plays Argh! I hope you escape better than you drive, pal. Not so convenient when you're trapped, is it?
  • Sworbs Sworbs 1580 plays Another matching puzzle, but with an evil twist! There's one match you Don't want to make, skulls! Skull matches rob your lives beware!
  • Tinkerbell's Jewel Jumble Tinkerbell's Jewel Jumble 4445 plays Help Tinkerbell to match 2 adjacent jewels to make them disappear and score points.
  • Word Search Gameplay 46 Word Search Gameplay 46 0 plays Search all given country names on the screen.
  • Candy the Naughty Cheerleader Candy the Naughty Cheerleader 4824 plays Shouldn't cheerleaders use their powers to create peace, not chaos? Why must you constantly rebel against authority?
  • Gloomy Room Escape Gloomy Room Escape 913 plays

    Gloomy Room Escape is type of point and click new escape game developed by games2rule.com. You are trapped inside in a Gloomy Room. The door of the Gloomy Room is locked. There is no one near to help you out. Find some useful objects and hints to escape from the Gloomy Room. Good Luck and Have Fun!

  • Safari Safari 2266 plays Shift the row either horizontally or vertically and form thus group of at least three animals.
  • Sonic Heroes Puzzle Sonic Heroes Puzzle 1907 plays Cool tetris like game. Match Sonic with the rings. Tails with the gems. and Knuckles with the blocks.Very addicting
  • Starlight 2 Starlight 2 1864 plays Rotate the constellations and flip them upright to display the hidden picture within.
  • Cake Heaven Cake Heaven 5215 plays Make the cake disappear.
  • Sort My Tiles Tarzan Sort My Tiles Tarzan 1034 plays Complete Tarzan as quickly as you can.
  • Snowflake Puzzle Snowflake Puzzle 8990 plays Complete the puzzle to reveal the picture!
  • Truck Hidden Numbers Truck Hidden Numbers 631 plays

    At Truck Hidden Numbers game jour goal is to find all 26 hidden numbers. This is hidden objects game with pictures of trucks. You can choose one of three images, and to start playing the game. You have 5 minutes to find all hidden letters, this is enough time for gamer to find all hidden letters but if you want or need more time, you can turn off the time meter.

  • Yodo Bejeweled Yodo Bejeweled 2171 plays

    Yodo bejeweled is a classic game like bejeweled games, only this time you have to play with Yodo. Yodo Bejeweled game is structured on 3 levels of difficulty, each level having other 5 levels where you have to eliminate as many fruits and to meet the required target.

  • Mini Train Mini Train 0 plays The laws of physics apply to every train, no matter the size...
  • Nicole - Adventures In Egypt Nicole - Adventures In Egypt 6731 plays Find all the objects listed on the right side list. Some objects are very well hidden.
  • Soldiers In Action Difference Soldiers In Action Difference 1294 plays

    Soldiers In Action Difference is very exciting game. In this game you've to seek out the differences around the two images. The game has 5 levels. In each and every level there are two photos that have five differences. Your job would be to spot these five differences in every single level. The pictures in just about every level are with brave soldiers in action. Also you've to seek out the five differences inside the provided time for you to win the level, and you can visit the next level. Don\’t make more than 5 mistakes or you may drop and you will have to begin in the starting. Use your mouse to play this game. Click around the difference using the left click. Be incredibly concentrate due to the fact this game is quite difficult, it can be not easy to obtain the differences in the provided time. Enjoy!

  • First Classic Pacman First Classic Pacman 2861 plays

    The First Classic Pacman game!

  • Spin n Set Thor Spin n Set Thor 5940 plays Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the Thor image.
  • Demigod puzzle Demigod puzzle 3163 plays

    put the scattered pictures together in the limited times , then you are the winner.

  • Go Go Puzzle Pets Go Go Puzzle Pets 2504 plays A pet-related card matching game where you have to match up 2 cards to score points and keep the pet alive.
  • Block Puzzle Block Puzzle 1614 plays Click to block with same color collected to remove and get coin to next levels.
  • Mindly Swap Mindly Swap 3752 plays Mindly Swap in another episode of Puzzle point and click game from games2gather. Use your cleverness and brain for solving the puzzles. Each level will be having different puzzle. And their instructions will be given inside. Good luck and have fun!
  • The Light Work The Light Work 166 plays Bring the faerie light back to the magical woods one firefly at a time!
  • Giant Robot Giant Robot 7444 plays Scientist, build that robot fast or Martians will invade the Earth and take our natural resources!
  • Christmas Mahjong Christmas Mahjong 5750 plays Play a Christmas themed game of Mahjong as you select 2 similar symbols. Clear the board!
  • Beauty Rush Differences Beauty Rush Differences 7978 plays Beauty Rush Differences: This is a fun spot differences game called the Beauty Rush. Spot the differences between two similar pictures. There are 6 differences on each level and 4 levels in this game. Now observe carefully and get started!
  • Pokemon Matching Pokemon Matching 1738 plays

    There are 6 levels of matching. Match the Pokemons to make them disappear. Complete matching all the characters before time runs out or game over.

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