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  • Mahjong Chain Mahjong Chain 11190 plays Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board.
  • Sherlock Holmes - Part 3 Sherlock Holmes - Part 3 11159 plays This office is riddled with clues; can you help Sherlock piece together the mystery of Dr. Carstains?
  • Zombie-billy Show Zombie-billy Show 11147 plays Find the difference between the two pictures as they tell a zombie Halloween story.
  • Apartment floor 97 Apartment floor 97 11129 plays You\’ve just made it out of floor 98 and now find yourself on the bizarre 97th floor. This new floor seems to be undergoing some major renovations, and there you meet two other people who are in the same shoes as you. You must work together to escape this place and uncover the mystery behind this apartment. Good luck and have fun!
  • Coliseumgame Coliseumgame 11104 plays Complete the puzzle as fast as possible!
  • The Pipe Game The Pipe Game 11090 plays Round and down the water goes...it's coming fast, so don't build slow!
  • Diamond Drop Diamond Drop 11075 plays Diamond game: To play this game, match 2 identical icons given by the girl, in rows or in columns.
  • Santa's Missing Toys Santa's Missing Toys 11059 plays Santa's kind and jolly, but also a little absent-minded. He's lost the presents, and he needs your help!
  • Cinderella Mix-Up Cinderella Mix-Up 11050 plays Disney Princess Cinderella Puzzle Game. Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image
  • Catch Me 2 Catch Me 2 11047 plays Catch Me 2 is a very simple but high addictive game as you're getting closer and closer to the end. We're all curious about the end of the game and it is a challenge to make it through all levels. By the last levels you need to move some rocks away in addition to the time pressure you anyway have.. Don't give up! Once you remembered the position it will spawn there again!
  • Kitty Kingdom Kitty Kingdom 11038 plays Trouble is afoot (or apaw?) in the kingdom of cats.
  • Gems of Olympus Gems of Olympus 11021 plays Who will be the master of gems...?
  • Cube Crash Cube Crash 11013 plays Click on the groups of three or more identical blocks to remove them and score points!
  • Sudoku Hero Sudoku Hero 10986 plays Find the way of the samurai with Sudoku Hero, a bright, samurai-themed spin on the Japanese game of logic and numbers. Fill in each row, column, and 3x3 box with the numbers 1 through 9, without repeating any numbers. Click a square to place a number. Play with a timer or without. Use the solver if you get stuck. With 6 difficulty levels to conquer, Sudoku Hero offers a heroic dose of online puzzle fun.
  • Sneak Thief Sneak Thief 10972 plays Steal the item and escape the locked room!
  • Hidden Numbers Surfs Up Hidden Numbers Surfs Up 10966 plays Find all hidden numbers around the Surfs Up image.
  • Creepy Columns Creepy Columns 10939 plays Fast paced scary game where you have to match the falling pumpkins, dried heads and scary relic tiles in groups of 3 or more. Shapes can be matched in all directions, there is a preview of the next combo and one should keep an eye on it. Lots of levels to get through. Game ends when tiles hit the roof and no more combos can be made.
  • Puzzle Maniax 2 Puzzle Maniax 2 10933 plays Choose the picture and complete the puzzle before time ends.
  • Puzzle Freak Puzzle Freak 10930 plays This game is like monopoly but with puzzles in each turn,which adds more excitement to the game. Its like a collection of different games but you have to solve each game as fast as you can to earn more IQ points which will make you win at the end of the board game.
  • Bake Shop Bake Shop 10927 plays An addictive little puzzle game especially if you're hungry! Swap the different cakes. Switch the cakes around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more.
  • Meeblings Meeblings 10919 plays Help the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Meeblings' world in all 50 fun filled levels. Play Ninja Kiwi's fun free Meeblings game now!
  • Big Money Official Big Money Official 10917 plays Greed is good in this puzzle hit! Grab all the coins you can and fill up those moneybags! Playing in three different game types: Action, Strategy, and Puzzle will satisfy both arcade fans and puzzle nuts! From the makers of the hit game Diamond Mine.
  • Dream Woods Dream Woods 10914 plays Help little Emmy stop the King of Pollution in DreamWoods, a magical mix of puzzle solving and adventure. It's late one night and Emmy wakes up to the voice of a Fairy asking her for help. The evil wizard Nexus, King of Pollution, has a devious scheme up his sleeve and only Emmy can stop him. They race off to reach the Fairy village, but Nexus foils them by forcing them to find the right doorway from which to go through. Now Emmy and the Fairy must not only hurry to save the village, but also figure out how to get past the endless puzzles that Nexus has placed before them.
  • Coffee Bubble Coffee Bubble 10913 plays Coffee Bubble shooter is a match three puzzle game where you must shoot bubbles and match them by color to remove them. The game is peaceful and relaxing, the ideal stress reliever.
  • Flightless Dragons Flightless Dragons 10912 plays Just because a dragon has wings doesn't mean it can fly.How to Play Flightless Dragons Click objects to remove them from the dragons' path. Get the dragons to the gems to complete a level, but keep these principles of nature in mind: water extinguishes fire, fire burns plants, and plants absorb water.
  • Lovely Mermaid Lovely Mermaid 10850 plays Dive into the details of this underwater love story!
  • Sweet Pony Game Sweet Pony Game 10826 plays If you like to do great things and you are in love with fashion, then this game it might be your challenge fortoday. Improve your skills and test it here in this dress up game where you need to dress up a cute sweet lovely pony with the most trendy pony outfits. Have a great time!
  • Island Escape Island Escape 10825 plays Another new awesome downloadable point and click adventure hidden object type escape game with gorgeous scenes. But this time you will try to escape from island. When the fancy cruise ship you?re on starts sinking, it?s a fight to stay alive! Once you manage to get off the sinking cruise ship, you need to survive on an uncharted island! Use your wits to find shelter, avert pirates, escape from the natives, and signal civilization to organize your rescue in Escape from Lost Island. Explore gorgeous Hidden Object scenes and find helpful items that?ll make your journey easier. Can you able to escape the island? Good luck and have fun!

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