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  • Squares 1 Squares 1 11555 plays Click on the groups of two or more identical blocks to remove them and score points!
  • HT83 not cry i will find you soon game HT83 not cry i will find you soon game 11555 plays Li Li lost her way. she cried a lot. Sam, Li Li's brother is searching for her. His journey so difficult, thorny. You,please helped two cute zombie brothers find each other.
  • Princess Bubble Fun Princess Bubble Fun 11533 plays let us help participants royal princess bubble fun match. to help the princess get a new dress. plus you can play other games bubbles gamesM
  • Baby Hidden Toys Baby Hidden Toys 11507 plays Albert's has many funny toys. He often makes them in disorder. Come to his room, find his favorite hidden toys, and you can get score. Take action quickly, try your best to help him. You can compete with your friends. To be No. 1!
  • School's In Session School's In Session 11497 plays Get ready for the school with Mickey and the gang! The teacher has put together three assignments that you can play in any order you want. Any time left over at the end of an assignment will be added to your score. If you answer all of the questions in an assignment correctly, you earn bonus points. Once you complete an assignment, the teacher will highlight it on the Main Menu. When you finish all three games, you can look at your grades by clicking the result button. So, put on your thinking cap and get a good grade!
  • Ranch Connect Ranch Connect 11497 plays Have some fun playing this cool board game similar to the mahjong games in with you have to clear all the cards from the board by connecting two cards of the same image. Can you do it as quickly as possible and all of them? Play the Ranch connect game and find out!
  • Alpha Zoo Alpha Zoo 11454 plays Find pairs - the letter must correspond to the animal name.
  • Johnny Finder Johnny Finder 11452 plays Click on areas of each scene to grab items and combine some of them. Don't click wrong!
  • Techno Mania Techno Mania 11450 plays Even a risky robotic landscape can't keep you from your mechanical mistress!
  • Camera Chaos Camera Chaos 11445 plays Platforming is easier if you can move platforms! Drag pieces of the game level around until you like your setup. Then send your miniature exploring guy to the portal.
  • Fairy Princess Escape Fairy Princess Escape 11422 plays The beautiful fairy princess is kidnapped and locked in the ancient castle. Whatever she does, she must get out of here immediately before the evil queen arrives. Collect items and use them to find a way out.
  • Ant Hill Picnic  Ant Hill Picnic 11411 plays These ants are getting ready for the long winter ahead and they have collected every type of food they could get their tiny hands on. Unfortunately, in the process of gathering supplies, they also managed to steal all the letters of the alphabet! It will be your job to find them, by looking through their ant hill and finding all the hidden letters.
  • Bumble Tales Bumble Tales 11399 plays More match three swapping action. Gather stone, wood, plants, crystals, gold and gems in this beautiful but simple game.
  • Robot Wants Fishy Robot Wants Fishy 11386 plays Robot Wants Fishy is the third game in the series of puzzle platformer. Help guide the little Robot through all levels to find Fishy.
  • Elf Ball Elf Ball 11360 plays The evil witch cast a bad spell and locked the elves in bubbles and we need a mighty archer to free them. Shoot the magic balls and kick them off the board to free the elves. You must target well and think wisely to clear them all. Hold your mouse to set speed and target and release to shoot.
  • Cute Owl Cute Owl 11358 plays Wake the cute owl up, and get ready to make some noise!
  • Searching For The Truth Searching For The Truth 11319 plays This next generation hidden object game is about the exciting adventures of the detective Kenneth and his female partner Emily. Be fascinated while playing all 27 exciting levels searching for the truth.
  • Butterfly Kyodai Butterfly Kyodai 11309 plays Flit and frolic with fantastical feats of matching mastery!
  • Marine Puzzle Marine Puzzle 11302 plays Marine Puzzle invites you to the fascinating world of watery waste, fresh breeze and hot sea battles. If you want something more exciting and challenging, Marine Puzzle is just the game for you. Match3 games have never been so thrilling and absorbing.
  • Pathways Pathways 11300 plays The objective of the game is to find a path of numbers, which follow the mathematical rule on the left-hand side of the game screen. Start at the bottom left corner and by following the rule, try to reach the end at the top right corner or as indicated. The game is over once you reached the end point, correctly.
  • Chainreaction Chainreaction 11295 plays Clear the grid by crossing off the coloured symbols one by one!
  • Pirate's Mind Pirate's Mind 11293 plays Aye, a true pirate's treasure: lots 'n' lots o' dubloons...
  • HT83 world of toys game HT83 world of toys game 11285 plays Imagine your way and complete a game as quickly as possible.
  • Battle of Lemolad Battle of Lemolad 11281 plays Build up your kingdom as you play a Bejeweled styled game to make wood, food, gold, and more.
  • Discover USA Discover USA 11278 plays Join us to explore the most beautiful places in the United States in 10 different levels nhua. In Discover USA game you shoot bubbles and solving puzzles. so you have to shoot the ball I was 3 adjacent bubbles of the same color. join players to complete the than picture of the United States exciting okay!
  • Railroad Railroad 11261 plays Connect the railways for the trian to reach its destination.
  • Rbots Rbots 11243 plays Roll with these robots, and they just might show you their funky dance moves.
  • ClickDEATH 2 ClickDEATH 2 11196 plays Stickmen discovered massive oil fields and rushed to set up an oil rig to extract hefty profits! Too bad their need for greed caused them not to follow proper safety precautions.

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